Walk to the valley of Kalamitsia with the great palace

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A visit to the valley of Kalamitsia with the palace of the Jesuit monks will take you to another period of humanity. But it is also a beautiful valley with dozens of plants and flowers. Head towards the road leading to the villages in the center of the island and at the first junction you […]



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 The village of Melanes is 8 km east of Naxos Town. It is a village with lush vegetation and great history. Melanes’ taverns are famous for the coq au vin ( rooster in wine) made with thick pasta and vension. Characteristic of the village beyond the rich vegetation are the running waters and the […]

Walking route: Kourounohori – Myli – Kouros

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Duration: 1 hour Δifficulty: 3/10 Starting from the parking of Kourounohori, you walk along the entire village. You pass in front of the church of Christ – the Metamorphosis of Sotiros – and descend into an orchard in the table that King Othonas occupied and carved his coat of arms. Going forward, you meet the […]

Traditional rooster in tomato sauce with thick spaghetti!

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It is a local specialty and you will definitely hear it being mentioned by the locals. And the name of this “traditional  rooster”. If you ask a Naxian where you will taste the best, they will definitely tell you at Melanes! A village renowned for this particular recipe with thick spaghetti. Directions: Head towards the […]

Ανάκτορο των Ιησουιτών μοναχών

The palace of the Jesuit monks in Kalamitsia

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In the green and olive-filled valley of Kalamitsia, near the village of Melanes, lies the imposing palace of the Jesuit monks. Location: The palace of the Jesuit monks is located in the area of Kalamitsia, 2 km from the village of Melanes and 7 km from Chora. History: In 1673, Jesuit monk Rovero Soze chose […]

Κούρος και Κόρη Μελάνων

The giant statues of Kouros and Kori in Melanes

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Two of the most characteristic statues – monuments not only of Naxos but of whole Greece, are Kouros and Kori of Melanes that are in the wider region of Melanes. Location: The two impressive statues are located in Flerio, after the village of Myloi and before the village of Kinidaros, which is about 9 km […]

Το Ιερό των Πηγών στο Φλεριό

The Sanctuary of the springs

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In the wider area of the Melanes, there is the important outdoor archaeological site, the Sanctuary of the Springs. Where is it: The Sanctuary of the Springs is located at Flerio, after the village of Mylοι and a few meters before the place where the Kouros of Melanes is exposed. History: The Sanctuary of the […]