Duration: 1 hour

Δifficulty: 3/10

Starting from the parking of Kourounohori, you walk along the entire village. You pass in front of the church of Christ – the Metamorphosis of Sotiros – and descend into an orchard in the table that King Othonas occupied and carved his coat of arms.

Going forward, you meet the workshop of folk art by Andrian Toulopi. Climbing down, you start and walk in the orchards that are full of mandarin and other trees.

The “temple” – with water – runs along the entire walking route and waters the entire valley of Melanes. Near the middle of the route is the miraculous church of Agios Nektarios – Agios Nikodimos. At the bottom of the church there is a pilgrim at the place where Agios Nektarios did a miracle.

In about 7 minutes and walking between the orchards you reach the entrance of the village in Myli. The first thing you meet is the ancient “Koukoumaria”. Climbing another plant leaves you speechless. An enormous two-color bougainvillea makes with its beauty and the most experienced stroller to stand and photograph it.

Entering the small but enchanting village of Myli, you meet two great old-fashioned plane trees that stretch their huge branches and offer you generously their dew.

The running water calls you to put your tired legs in and get your cool. At the stone benches around the huge square of the plane tree, you can relax, drink fresh water from the stone fountain and enjoy the magnificent view.

The water that runs a little further forms small but beautiful waterfalls that crack strongly in the “afoukles” (where the water ends).

Right next to it stands a small but miraculous chapel of Agios Kyprianos and St. Justin which was built there after a villager’s torture. Here you have to choose which path to follow.

Going right and going through a verdant path you will find yourself in a marble place where there is one of the oldest watermills in the village.

In front of you nature shows all its grandeur. Small ponds are formed by running waters. The landscape is fantastic. From this path you can pass to the opposite village of the Agion Apostolon .

If you follow the other route you will climb the ladder of the village that has a huge ivy. As you climb up, you come across small waterfalls as you cross the waterway.

So you arrive at Pano Myli and take Barou’s path in about 10 minutes you are in the precinct of Panagia Fleriotissa.

Going up, in 5 minutes you meet the water source, which flows from the running water that supplies for 4 villages.

Before you reach the turf of Kouros, as you walk right, you will meet the legendary “Queen’s bau”, which mythology says 40 sibling blood needs to be poured out to open up and display an immense treasure.

Walking in, you enter a fascinating landscape where right and left dominate huge ancient plane trees. A narrow wooden door opens to enter the orchard of Kouros that has been hosting him for years.

At this point the visitor can relax and hear the story of Kouros from the owner of the garden but also cool by drinking the refreshment that has been frozen in the well of Stelios Kondylis.

If you want and still have the energy to climb a little bit more the small but difficult path, you can also see the Kori of Melanes which is located at the top of  the hill.