Unforgettable Monuments

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Arriving at the island of Naxos you can visit dozens of monuments of great historical and archaeological value. My Naxos’ team suggests the 5 monuments to be seen by someone who visits the island for the first time. What are these; Portara The island of the palaces and Portara is undoubtedly the imposing symbol of […]

Ανάκτορο των Ιησουιτών μοναχών

The palace of the Jesuit monks in Kalamitsia

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In the green and olive-filled valley of Kalamitsia, near the village of Melanes, lies the imposing palace of the Jesuit monks. Location: The palace of the Jesuit monks is located in the area of Kalamitsia, 2 km from the village of Melanes and 7 km from Chora. History: In 1673, Jesuit monk Rovero Soze chose […]

Ναός της Δήμητρας, Σαγκρί

Demeter’s Temple in Sagkri

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In the village of Sangri, in an area rich of monasteries, towers and ancient monuments,there is the Temple of Demeter or the Sanctuary of Gyroula. Location: The archaeological site is located in Sagkri, in the center of the island, only a few kilometers from Chalki and 11 km from Chora. History: The Temple of Demeter […]

Ο Πύργος της Πλάκας

The Tower of Plaka

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Near the village of Tripodes (or Vivlos), there are the ruins of the imposing Tower of Plaka, for which there are many myths apart from the historical data … Location: The Tower of Plaka or Paliopyrgos, as it is called, is located in the village of Tripodes, about 7 km from Chora. History: The tower […]

The Monastery of Faneromeni

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Impressive and white, the Monastery of Faneromeni, looks out over the Aegean Sea. One of the most important monasteries of the island is located in the area between the villages of Eggares and Keramoti, 16km from Naxos Town. The Holy Monastery is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. History: Its date of construction is lost in […]

Κάστρο και Μονή Φωτοδότη Χριστού

The Tower and Monastery of Fotodotis Christ

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The outstanding tower-monastery of Fotodoti Christ deserves the attention of the visitor. It is built in an environment of oak trees, fig trees and vineyards, north of the village of Danakos. Access to the monastery takes place on a dirt road. The icon of the imposing tower with the century-old plane tree in the courtyard […]

Το Ιερό των Πηγών στο Φλεριό

The Sanctuary of the springs

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In the wider area of the Melanes, there is the important outdoor archaeological site, the Sanctuary of the Springs. Where is it: The Sanctuary of the Springs is located at Flerio, after the village of Mylοι and a few meters before the place where the Kouros of Melanes is exposed. History: The Sanctuary of the […]