Island Bar: Synonym for entertainment from the 90’s

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There are few placesa native can suggest with closed eyes for your night out.And that’s because few are the nightlife bars that combines location, quality and good service. Island Bar has deposited its credentials on the island’s entertainment stock since the 1990s. Takis Retsina’s vision of making a space that will go well with his […]


Beaches you will adore

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Readers of My Naxos and our friends in our page on facebook gathered and chose the top 5 beaches of the island. Top 5 beaches that any visitor must visit. Which are they…? Agios Prokopios Agios Prokopios beach is the most famous beach of Naxos. It is just 5 km from Chora. It has been voted by […]

Unforgettable Monuments

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Arriving at the island of Naxos you can visit dozens of monuments of great historical and archaeological value. My Naxos’ team suggests the 5 monuments to be seen by someone who visits the island for the first time. What are these; Portara The island of the palaces and Portara is undoubtedly the imposing symbol of […]

Museums you must visit

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Anyone who stay for a few days in Naxos will have the opportunity to experience the history of the island through the interesting museums located both in Chora and in the villages. My Naxos’ team suggests the 5 museums that must be visited by someone who comes to the island for the first time. What […]


First time in Naxos? Villages you should visit

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What are the 5 villages to visit for the first time in Naxos? Readers of My Naxos chose and voted through our facebook page. Aperanthos: The famous Apiranthos is 32 km northwest of Chora. A characteristic feature of the village is the traditional architecture of the stone houses, the well-preserved churches and the four museums. […]