Shopping walk in Chora’s shops

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In Chora of Naxos you will find most of the shops for all kind of people and their preferences. The visitor can find clothes and jewelery up to shoes, walkers, cd, dvd, toys, sea and so on. You can start from the port, from the OTE building and turn left to the Papavassiliou main road. […]


Kourounohori – Walk in the village alleys, in the orchards and well-kept gardens

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This special trip was suggested by the Myloi-Kourounohori Association and will undoubtedly excite you! You start from the square of Kourounohori with Grigoris’ coffee shop with the huge bougainvillea. Wandering in the narrow alleys of the village with the wonderful houses leads you to the village’s Tower. Keep on as the small road goes and […]

Koronos: A walk through the footsteps of the old Greek films

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In Koronos, you can make wonderful walks among the whitewashed houses to see the shops that you think have been dating since the last century. But what’s the most important is the village’s spots which were scenes for making films of the old Greek cinema. The parking lot of the village that the visitor can […]


Myloi : A walk to the river

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A walk in a landscape that you do not often see on a Cycladic island. The walk takes place on foot, so the visitor should park the car at Myloi, on the road, outside the covered bus stop. The stairs lead to the beginning of the village. At the first junction the direction is left […]


Spring walk in Potamia

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All those who claim that the best season of the year is spring, are right! That’s what the photographs of the walk we shot with the first spring sun in Potamia, Naxos, show. You will see the large orchards of the locals, the traditional tower houses and the Kokkos Tower in the Mesi Potamia. It […]

Walk to the valley of Kalamitsia with the great palace

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A visit to the valley of Kalamitsia with the palace of the Jesuit monks will take you to another period of humanity. But it is also a beautiful valley with dozens of plants and flowers. Head towards the road leading to the villages in the center of the island and at the first junction you […]

Άγιος Αρσένιος

Walk at Agios Arsenios, for a panoramic photo

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A short walk in the village of Agios Arsenios will give you the opportunity to photograph the whole village and the meadow, which extends to the beach. The starting point is the entrance of the village of Agios Arsenios. Following the road to the Elementary School, you reach beyond the courtyard and from there you […]

Koronos – Stop for a “click” at the emery mines and the sky train!

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Shoot the emery mines, the sky train and the wild nature of Koronos. In Koronos, even the most experienced photographers will be thrilled by the landscape of the village. In the area before the entrance of the village and specifically on the way to Lyonas, you will be able to see the famous emery-mines and […]