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 The village of Danakos is located 25 km south-east of Na Chora It is a mountainous village that stands out for its architecture and the view it has in the Small Cyclades, as it is built amphitheatrically. History and Monuments: Danakos took his name, according to the legend, either from the Danaous  who were […]



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The village of Moni is 18.5 km east of Naxos Town. It is built on the slope of Mount Fanari and at an altitude of 600 m. From one corner to the other is built of stone and marble. And that’s because its inhabitants are the most famous craftsmen of stone all over the island. […]



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The village of Mili is 9.3 km east of Naxos Town and is one of the most beautiful villages on the island, combining island architecture, imposing mansions, rich vegetation and running waters. It is an ideal destination for all seasons, especially for the summer, because you will have the chance to enjoy your walk in […]



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 The village of Sagri is 12 km south of Naxos Town. Its special architecture has made many travelers call it the “Mikro (small)l Mystras” of the Cyclades. That’s because it has many stone-built mansions and windmills. Some of them are even renovated and can be visited. Main characteristic of the village is the very […]


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 The capital of the island is the picturesque Chora. Benchmark of Chora, the Castle, with its perpetual, enigmatic and always imposing “Portara”, which looks for thousands of years on the holy Delos, points to the impressive castle that dominates the top of the hill and, of course, to the left of the port that […]


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 The village of Kynidaros is 14.6 km east of Naxos Town. Its rich history, monuments, temples, musical tradition and customs have made it a favorite destination for tourists on the island. Driades is the favorite spot of locals and visitors. It is a verdant forest in the village, with benches, an ideal place for […]


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The village of Eggares is located 7.7 km northeast of Naxos Town. It is built in a rich valley with dense vegetation, many crops and running waters. History and Monuments: The inhabitants of Eggareshave always been engaged in agriculture but were also famous craftsmen of stone. In the village, where Nikos Kazatzakis wrote his work […]