The breathtaking waterfall of Routsouna in Keramoti

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In the western part of Keramoti, two rivers emitting from the mountains of Koronos and Phanari create the waterfall of Routsouna. It has a height of 20 meters and the landscape created there, is a unique beauty. The waterfall forms a lake and around it there is very rich vegetation. Visitors who arrive there all […]


The plane tree forest of Kato Myloi

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Enjoy a walk or even a picnic under suburban plane trees and next to a small river. The small plantain of Kato Myloi is suitable for such excursions. Visit the impressive plane trees to combine it with an excursion to the Kouros of Melanes. The route is easy. Drive towards the outside and especially towards […]

Alyki’s wetland near the Airport

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Alyki’s wetland is located next to Naxos Airport, just 2.5 km south of Naxos Town. It spreads to an area of about 1,000 acres. in which they find shelter, migratory periods, hundreds of bird species. The Aliki area has been included in the European Network of Protected Areas, Natura 2000 and is the largest wetland […]