Duration: 3-4 hours

Degree of difficulty: 8/10

On this route that Ms. Katerina Grigoropoulou described us, you will see a unique forest and scenic of rich and wild vegetation that are unprecedented for the island.

You start from the church of Agios Tryfonas, right on the mountainside of Mount Zas, just outside the village of Filoti. Take the road to the left of the Chemaros’ Tower. On the right it has a small sandlot with a new house. Continue, go out in a big sandlot and again ,and take the path to the left. Following the narrow dirt road you end up in an enchanting forest with many tree varieties, a picture unprecedented for the island.

If you go a long way, you will be in a dead end. You have to go back and when you see a built terrace (the locals call it trafo), you go up and follow the path. It is quite difficult, because the area has rich vegetation and many trees.

We walked down the path and after about 2 hours of walking (maybe you took less, because we picked up and grew walking) we went to the sea, to Klydos! A magical area that you must definitely go either as we have guided you, or by car!