Walking route: Chemaros Tower – Panormos

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Duration: 5-6 hours Difficulty: 8/10 On this route that Ms. Katerina Grigoropoulou described us, you will see an imposing Byzantine castle, a pine forest and finally the beach of Panormos. You leave the car near the Chemaros Tower and you go down the road to the left, towards Kalantos. Turn and follow the road as […]

A canteen full of traditional tastes

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The word canteen takes a different meaning on the beach of Panormos, in Naxos! This is because the visitor will find out that the canteen, that works there, holds a delicious trip to the Naxos tastes! On Panormos beach, “Panermos Canteen” and Georgia, offer fast food with local products, cool salads with local vegetables and […]



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It is a leeward bay on the eastern side of Naxos, with beautiful blue-green waters and sandy beaches that do not leave anyone unmoved and unsatified. In addition to your dives you will enjoy the unique view of Koufonissia, Iraklia and Amorgos. The sandy beach surrounds a cluster of towering palm trees. On the way […]