The word canteen takes a different meaning on the beach of Panormos, in Naxos! This is because the visitor will find out that the canteen, that works there, holds a delicious trip to the Naxos tastes!

On Panormos beach, “Panermos Canteen” and Georgia, offer fast food with local products, cool salads with local vegetables and fruit salads with fresh fruits and yoghurt! Apart from the Naxos tastes, the visitor can enjoy souvlaki, fried Naxos’ potatoes, Arabic pies, toast but also drink his coffee or freshly squeezed juices!

It is almost hard to resist the sweet temptations, such as homemade rice pudding ( rizogalo), chocolate mousse and cool jelly!

It would be an omission if you do not try something really unique, made by the hands of Georgia and you will not find anywhere on the island: the “rakito”. A cocktail based on the Naxian raki!