Duration: 5-6 hours

Difficulty: 8/10

On this route that Ms. Katerina Grigoropoulou described us, you will see an imposing Byzantine castle, a pine forest and finally the beach of Panormos.

You leave the car near the Chemaros Tower and you go down the road to the left, towards Kalantos. Turn and follow the road as it goes to the left. Proceed in the same direction and meet a stable with animals and chickens. Opposite there is an “ampasia” (a rough farm gate). You open it and you see the path. Walk next to a “trafou” (built-in terrace) and head right.

You meet a forest with pine trees and other trees and go on the path that seems difficult. In front of you is a “mitato” (auxiliary building of a shepherd). When you get there, you will see Panormos spread out, a truly magical landscape.

You climb up and see another “mitata(plural of mitato)”. Getting to the top you’ll be speechless: In front of you is a very impressive Byzantine castle. Go down the path, on the other side and after a long walk, you reach Panormos.

Tip: Before you start, ask someone from the village if the route is still accessible, as described by Mrs. Katerina Grigoropoulou. Sometimes ,in mountainous regions, weather conditions can be a reason for the walking route to be  inaccessible and dangerous. Always take with you water and food, because at some point you have to stop to eat something. It’s a long way!