Did you miss mom’s sweets and jams? Come to Chalki

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In one of the alleys of the village of Chalki is hidden a taste treasure. In the “ERA” store of Yannis Mandenakis you will discover unique and unforgettable flavors. Jams and sweets from Yanni’s hands. And when we say “from his hands” we mean that the whole process of preparation, from the sorting of fruits, […]


The legendary Galaktoboureko in Chalki

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On the main road of Chalki there is the ‘Spitiko Galaktoboureko” ( homemade galaktoboureko). As its name suggests, you will find the island’s best galaktoboureko. Delicious, fresh and with pure products of Naxos. The recipe is secret and goes from parents to children. During the summer you may need to vistit the store twice or […]

Πρωτόθρονη Χαλκί


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 The village of Halki is 15 km east of Naxos Town. Its mansions, imposing towers and Byzantine churches testify that the village once experienced glory times. Halki – otherwise known as Tragea – was the capital of the island many years ago. It is one of the villages that will impress you both with […]