Walking route: Agios Arsenios – Agia Anna ( Hiking)
Duration: 1 ώρα
Difficulty: 3/10

This route was suggested by the Cultural and Ecological Association of Agios Arsenios of Naxos.

Start from the top of Agios Arsenios and end up at Agia Anna beach. Before you begin, you have to buy water, because the whole route is through the meadows and there is no commercial store on the street. In this hike you will see the vegetation, agricultural crops, livestock units and, of course, the wonderful beach of Agia Anna.

There is no predetermined path, so it is safer to go as the road goes but through the fields to be safe as it is a provincial road and there is no natural pavement.

You leave the village of Agios Arsenios and turn left, following the signs to Agia Anna / Plaka. After 50 meters you will see a large irrigation canal, while farms on the right and left. Continue as the road goes until you meet the first houses on your right.

These houses are very beautiful and their main characteristics are the large gardens with huge bougainvilleas. You climb the uphill road, you pass other livestock units until you reach the highest point of the hill, a particularly characteristic point, since right and left have two huge rocks.

Continue on the main road. This area is also known as Kapares. In the next kilometer you will see the area of Agia Anna, where there is the large building of the Agricultural Cooperative, a gas station and a mini market. You are a step just before the sea.

Walk on the road – no longer farms but rooms to let and hotels on your right and at 300 meters you are in the scenic harbor of Agia Anna.

On your right side is the unique beach of Agia Anna with its shops, rooms to let, beach bars and taverns. In front of you is the hill with the chapel of St. Nicholas. On the left is the cedar tree of Agia Anna. Passing through there you go to Marga Beach and then to Plaka.