Duration: 4 to 6 hours

Difficulty: 8/10

This route was described by Katerina Grigoropoulou and told us that it is magnificent: You see the mountainous Naxos, rich vegetation, caves, churches and of course the two villages: Tsikalario and Kynidaros. So let’s see what is the route she suggested .

You start from the village of Tsikalario, climb up to Agios Pachoumios. The view from this point is truly magnificent: You can see the villages: Filoti, Chalki, Damarionas, Sagri and you have to immortalize them with your camera.

Continue hiking the mountain, almost climbing, because it’s rough, until you reach the Kokkini tsapa, as the shepherds of the area say. (There is also the Cave of Nymphon or the Virgin of Nymphiotisa as it is called).

Progress and get to the abandoned quarry, where is the Kokkini Tsapa, but it wants a lot of attention, because it has everywhere rocks, big stones and branches. It may take a moment to think that you were lost, but if you look up you will see a round building at 400 meters. This is Virgin Nymphodiotisa. Its entrance is carved on the slope, on the rock.

Entering the church, it needs a great attention because it is abandoned. It is good to have a wood or a walking stick with you in order to open a road because it has many branches and many spider webs. If you go a minute, you will see that it is a breathtaking cave. In the background, it has a marble, new relative, but also two very old, of Zoodohos Pigi. You can not get closer to the icon screen, because it has water, but you can see an old candle hanging.

It is worth going out of the cave, climbing the slope and see the dome, which is an elegant artwork. You will also reward the view, which is truly magnificent from about 500 meters above sea level.

From here, you have to take the path to get to Kynidaros. It is a path with “strange” trees: Oak, Oak, Pyrnes and many more. When you see them you will understand what we mean by “weird”.

Before the village bridge, passing the river, you go up to Agios Nikolaos. It is a chapel that must have been recently renovated because it looks well-preserved.

You pass through the tableland of Amelathiou and you end up with Kynidaros. It needs a lot of attention because this area has many wells!

When you arrive at Kynidaros, you can sit in one of the village cafes to enjoy a nice Greek coffee or a cool orange juice.

Tip: Before you start from Tsikalario, ask someone from the village if the route is still accessible, as Ms. Katerina Grigoropoulou recommends, because sometimes at some points, especially in such mountainous areas,the walking route can be inaccessible and dangerous due to weather conditions.