Duration: 5-6 hours

Difficulty: 8/10

You arrive by car in the area of Kalantos, where it is the starting point of this route. Climb up the hill to the “mitato” (auxliary building of shepherd) that you will see at the top.

From the right starts the path that will lead you to the beach you see. You follow it and a little later you turn left as it goes. This ends in the beach called Rina. A unique beach, totally solitary even in the summer. Apart from the sandy sand and the beach, you can also see the truly unique caves that you will not see elsewhere on the island, especially like these.

From there there is no trail, but only one “trafo” (a stone partition of parcels, like a short wall) and it will lead you to the next beach just before the Plateau. Proceed next to the trap, go through a forest and go out on a small beach. Next you see the beach of Spedo.

The “trafos” that goes on ends up in a building block that you open and walk through the forest ahead of you. Climb the mountainous area following the path until you see the Tower of Rina or “Paliopyrgos” as it is called. It is a ruined tower, about the same age as Chemaros.

If you go a step further, you will see the beach of Kalantos in the background. From there, there is a normal path to lead you where you started.

Tip: Before you start, ask someone from the village if the route is still accessible, as described by Mrs. Katerina Grigoropoulou, because sometimes, in mountainous regions, because of weather conditions,the region can be totally inaccessible and dangerous.