In the area of Fleriο, next to the village of Mylοι, there are parts of the Ancient Aqueduct. It is an important technical work of antiquity with enormous historical value.


The wider area of ​​the Melanes experienced great prosperity in the 6th and 7th centuries BC due to the marble quarries.

Major technical works were made throughout the area, but there were marble sculpture workshops in which they made statues and parts of buildings.

The area is also rich in springs and running water.

The ancient aqueduct operated from the late 6th century BC until the 8th century BC. and was about 11 km long.

This is an important and extremely impressive work for the data of the time, because for its creation and operation the mountain was drilled and a tunnel was built in order to distribute the water properly.

A visit to the sections of the Ancient Aqueduct:

The visitor can see parts of the Ancient Aqueduct at various points in the wider Melanes area.

A large part is visible on the main road of Kourounohori-Myloi.

Another point you will find 500 meters after the village of Mylon, in a sheltered area.

More detailed sections of the Ancient Aqueduct can be found in the areas: Flerio, Katsoprini, Agios Stefanos and Fontana.

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