The Chemaro’s Tower is an imposing marble fortress that magnifies the eyes of the visitors.

Greek and foreign travelers and historians have written a lot of stories and books about Chemaros’ Tower.


The Chemaros’ Tower is located near Mount Zas and Klidos, between Filoti village and Kalantos beach, about 21 km from Chora.


The Chemaros’ Tower is an imposing circular fortress, 15 m high.

It is made of Naxos marble and bricks from the surrounding area. It has very thick walls.

It is a construction of the 4th century BC. and is surrounded by a square wall.

The Tower has a single window and many loopholes.

According to the scholars, they were up to 18 meters high.

It was used as a fortification but also as an observatory, because as it has a view across the Aegean, they could see the pirate ships when they were still far away.

The inhabitants of the area found refuge in him in the event of an invasion, while in peacetime they did various agricultural work on his premises.

Similar buildings exist in all the Aegean islands but in most of them only their base is preserved.

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