The village of Damalas is 15.5 km southeast of Chora.

It is one of the smallest villages of Naxos, it is built at an altitude of 300 m and stands out for the architecture of the stone houses.

Its narrow stone-built alleys will take you to the center of the village and its hospitable inhabitants are always willing to talk to you about its history, morals and customs and traditions.

History and Monuments:

Damalas, according to the myth, was named after a blind philosopher, wise resident of the village.

The inhabitants of Damalas are engaged in agriculture, livestock and pottery.

Visitors are impressed by the church of Agia Irini, built around 1800 AD, from the restored olive press and the traditional pottery workshop at the entrance of the village.

How will you go:

By private car or motorbike, you can reach the following route: Chora – Galanado – Sagri – Damalas

Damalas is connected to Chora by bus routes.

More information on KTEL’s website

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