At the entrance of the village of Kaloxylos, 25 minutes from Naxos Town and a breath away from Chalki and Filoti, the Kaloxylos Folklore Museum is located.

After a ten-year work, Florios Horianopoulos created the Folklore Museum, housed in a well-preserved mansion inherited from his grandfather.

Inside the museum you will see a series of objects related to the life and everyday life of the inhabitants of Kaloxylos and Naxos in general.

Among them are the impressive furniture, the old mirrors, the jars, the old frames, the agricultural tools, the military relics, the kitchen utensils, and the old 1932 grocery store set in the same place.

All the objects have been collected and restored by Florios Horianopoulos.

The museum operates from May to October.

For more information, call +30 2285 031684.